10 Million Inspections

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Today at Papertrail we are excited to announce that the platform has reached a total of 10 million inspections!

We’re so grateful to our subscribers for using the Papertrail platform, and their continued improvement to achieve higher standards of record keeping for safety inspections. 

Inspections have been recorded by over 6000 inspectors across different industries from climbing walls to wind turbines and nuclear reactors.

It’s been an amazing journey the business has been on throughout its continued growth. We started with a very small application and service, supported by a small team in North Wales and Newcastle. We now power the inspection management systems for some of the largest energy companies globally with a world-class customer support and account management team, supported by a strong team of software developers and engineers.
Our team has grown from strength to strength over the last few years and I’m incredibly proud of all the successes and milestones we are achieving to support our customers’ demand for inspection management in highly regulated and high risk industries.

During the last seven years, Papertrail applications have been adopted by equipment managers and owners in an increasing variety of industry sectors and companies. The platform originally started by supporting activity and adventure providers with proper equipment management, and is now being used throughout the industrial, working at height, entertainment sectors and most recently has been taken up by renewable energy companies.

The data above shows the number of inspections recorded since 2014 when Papertrail was first used by activity and adventure companies. Between the web and mobile applications, the platform currently captures 40,000 - 50,000 inspections a week.

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