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Friday, September 9, 2016

Repairing reputational damage when a member of the public or workforce has been injured, either due to an accident or negligence, can take years. News of such incidents that are in the public interest travel much faster these days, thanks to social media.

Mistakes can happen, and even when companies do everything right, it can still cost millions in litigation and higher insurance premiums. The repercussions from at-fault cases – where the accident could have been prevented – take even more work to fix: settlements, fines, investigations, repairs and other associated costs.

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The government, usually through the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) – can also take action. In cases where mistakes or negligence cause harm, fines and punitive damages can put some companies out of business, or knock profitability for years to come.

Safety Culture: Protecting Brands From Reputational Damage

Papertrail is a regulatory compliance, risk adjustment, asset management, and statutory inspection platform that was designed around safety. Our software is versatile enough for sole traders and powerful enough for multinational organisations.

Created for high-risk industries such as leisure attractions and rope access, we created a web, tablet and mobile-friendly system that makes it easy to manage health and safety processes. Thankfully, we have a robust health and safety culture in the UK, known globally for being a safe country to work. Accidents in workplaces, including those involving the general public, are falling in number.

However, many current health and safety processes are haphazard, time-consuming, lack transparency and accountability, and could not stand up to much scrutiny in the case of a major incident. The HSE demands that organisations take all reasonable precautions to mitigate risk. Are you sure you are doing everything possible?

Our experience with hundreds of customers across dozens of sectors uncovered the fact that many companies were able to do more to improve safety culture, once our software made them more efficient managing and mitigating risk. Compliance doesn’t need to be a headache. With Papertrail, organisations of all sizes are saving time and money working through compliance tasks, thereby improving operational efficiency and reducing risks for staff, contractors and customers.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Papertrail. Your safety is our business. We are on a mission to protect your team, contractors and customers from avoidable risk.

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